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About Me
Hey there! nice to see you're checking my new website!
My name is Rolf, I m interested in a lot of things, and maybe you've guested it allready but Cars is one of those things :P haha
well check out the rest of this site and enjoy!

My Job/ School
At this moment i am studiing Mechanical Engineering at the Hogeschool Zeeland Vlissingen

My Pet
well some of my friends have seen her, its my cat Bontje. weird animal!

My Bikes
To go to work, school or to the bar. i am almost always go by bike. Its enviorently frienly and verry cheap!
also it alowes me to drink afterwards without getting a ticket!
my workhorse is a strong mountainbike, so i can hit curbs drunk without any finantial problem attached!
my weekend cruizer is a Batavus Cibola hybrid citybike, I had it for twoo years and loved it, then.. it was stolen.. but after 5years, beleve it or not i found it back!! now i only need to restore it to show condition, if i have a little more time and money :P

If you want to see more check out my hyves! or come to Vlissingen!

ciao! Rolf E.

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