REWE's Camaro
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On this page you can find all details, specs and modifications about my 1976Chevrolet Camaro LT

Body/ Paint

Interior/ Sterio

engine/ drivetrain

brakes/ suspension

wheels/ tires



future plans

May 10, 2009

Latest update, The Camaro is now painted Rallye black everywhere, so itís just one shade of black instead of tree haha. Also after making the mafia promo movie, Iíve hit my side pipes hard on bumps due poor quality roads. The exhaust suspension-brackets are ripped of cause of that. So I temporarily fixed it with ty-rips but will soon fix it. Although these pipes are still temporary ones Iíll keep them till I overhaul my car completely, so I can make frame tunnels to raise them and create more ground clearance. Soon I will put the camaro on the car-bridge to give the car a full overall checkup.

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